No Time

I think that in today’s society, people take time for granted. To mankind, time is a constant part of life, the unchanging factor that brings order to society, but when you take time for granted you live your life in the pursuit of happiness, trying to earn money and meaningless things and forget to actually live your life.

The new movie blockbuster “In Time” has received bad reviews by most critics, saying that the director has gone downhill after his last few movies, and that it is a clever concept however it is poorly executed. I don’t agree with this criticism at all. The director has come up with a brilliantly new idea and it is filmed and directed fairly well. I enjoyed the movie a lot, especially the concept that time is currency and there were some very clever and funny moments where they used time puns such as “Who’s got time for that”, meant in the literal sense, and my favourite “You got a minute?”.

Of course if you don’t know what the movie is about and haven’t seen it then this won’t make sense to you, so here is a brief overview with no spoilers:
A sci fi action movie set In the near future; human’s aging gene has been switched off. At the age of 25, all humans stop aging and their time begins. Depending on who you are and where you are born, you start with a certain amount of time (for most it is one year). This time is displayed on your arm and continuously counts down until it reaches 0, then you die. To survive you always need time, which either means working for a payout each day, borrowing some off others with more time then you, or stealing it. The main character works at a factory and earns two days for 8 hours of work. A cup of coffee costs about 5 minutes, a bus ride home costs an hour and costs an hour and a car can cost from 3 months up to 10 years.

This idea is hard to get used to but once you do get used to it, it’s quite clever. Our modern society takes time for granted. So many lives are wasted on trying to find happiness, or buy happiness. Perhaps some people are so busy trying to make the best career they can, or save up to buy the perfect house. Some people will work and work all their lives, trying to make the best life possible, when they aren’t really living. This movie highlights these social problems and has a go at the way that society structures itself. This quest for “Utopia” (perfection) is what drives people today. As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.