So Fake

Do you claim to know someone? I mean really know them. Understand them. Recognise distinct and unique features about them. It’s a depressing thought that some people will go through life not knowing anyone in the real sense of the word.

My twin sister and I are very close. I would say that she is the only person I really know. I have close friends but I don’t know them the way I know bec. But I still wonder sometimes if I really know her. I know that, for her, she knows me probably best of all my family and friends, but there are still parts that she doesn’t understand and perhaps never will.

When you first meet someone they are most likely the most distant part of themselves. Another blogger inspired me to write this when she said that she will “never let you closer than you deserve”. Is everyone like this? It seems so. I think people have become too guarded.

Having said that, you can only truly be yourself when you are comfortable. I know for me, there are several settings that I physically cannot be myself no matter how hard I try, simply because I’m uncomfortable.

My parents have been married for 25 years. They know each other. Perhaps my Dad still misses things and sometimes Mum won’t understand my Dad, but generally speaking they know each other. But do all people get to experience this? Western society is so individualistic and it’s sometimes hard to break out of the stereotypes and divisions we are placed in, making it hard to be your true self.

I think to experience such a relationship, especially in today’s context, you really have to go out of your way and sometimes out of your comfort zone. And for what? Just so you can claim that you really knew someone?

Personally I am fascinated by human beings. Not in a scientific way, or a Sociologists way. I’m fascinated by everyone’s uniqueness. When you get to meet new people, it’s unlikely that you will see past the first few layers of who they are. Sure you can ask where they’re from. You can find out their likes and dislikes and other interesting things, but this is just one dimension. Experiencing other people is part of the human experience.

Don’t live a fake life, where your closest relationship is a texting friend, or a penpal. Yes it’s sometimes difficult to say this first hello, and it’s even more difficult to let that person meet the real you, but it’s worth it.